Wednesday, December 30, 2009

hello women!!!

check this out!!! a dream of mine the pink chaddi party-an all women party... i'll tell you where it started-remember the pink chaddi campaign??? when a few women tried to embarass mr.muthalik and his shri rama sene by sending him pink chaddis on valentines day, just after he had beat up a few women in a bar to gain political mileage???Well i think its time to start a pink chaddi party an "all women" party. lets make the pink chaddi a symbol of womanhood and women rights!!! think about it!!! imagine having only women candidates... and of course everyone trusts women... after all the men in politics have proved to be useless and corrupt!!! so keep visiting the site and don't forget to comment!!! i will keep commenting on political issues and other stuff...and lets all hope this dream of mine becomes a reality!!